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mackeysonfire's Journal

Caleb Mackey
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001.First. 002.Kidnap. 003.Wild West. 004.Ninja. 005.Time.
006.Bunny. 007.Greed. 008.Pride. 009.Corruption. 010.Innocense.
011.Lust. 012.Sloth. 013.Glutton. 014.Wrath. 015.Envy.
016.Kittens. 017.Puppies. 018.Dragons. 019.Horses. 020.Wombat.
021.Fish. 022.Dolphin. 023.Monkey. 024.Tiger. 025.Penguin.
026.Breathe. 027.Dream. 028.Hate. 029.Itch. 030.Dark.
031.Disgust. 032.Sweet. 033.Rain. 034.Safety. 035.Clean.
036.Risk. 037.Drama. 038.Joke. 039.Oath. 040.Threat.
041.Coffee. 042.Gold. 043.Moonlight. 044.Medicine. 045.Ocean Breeze.
046.Pillage. 047.Plunder. 048.Sword. 049.Sail. 050.Booty.
051.Hunt. 052.Curse. 053.Patch. 054.Damsel. 055.Alien.
056.Crystal. 057.Magic. 058.River. 059.Past. 060.Fly.
061.Eden. 062.Haunted. 063.Mirror. 064.Vampire. 065.Transform.
066.Ambition. 067.Family. 068.Laugh. 069.Blue. 070.Triangle.
071.Sunrise. 072.Chains. 073.Account. 074.Secret. 075.Chair.
076.Tree. 077.Jealous. 078.Soft. 079.Freezing. 080.Shopping.
081.Sunshine. 082.Snowflake. 083.Contemplating. 084.Movies. 085.Drive In.
086.Toilet. 087.Toothbrush. 088.Purse. 089.Scratch. 090.Drawer.
091.Fear. 092.Turmoil. 093.Charity. 094.Procrastination. 095.Words.
096.Sleep. 097.Imprisoned. 098.Destruction. 099.Shadow. 100.Rumor.
101.Argument. 102.Miserable. 103.Disaster. 104.Pencil. 105.Boss.
106.Quit. 107.Eyes. 108.Shiny. 109.Sparkling. 110.Quarter.
111.Dollar Bill. 112.Marker. 113.Letters. 114.Video Games. 115.Holiday.
116.Sleepy. 117.Boink. 118.Boop. 119.Bwahaha. 120.Beee-Ooop.
121.Pow. 122.Shriek. 123.Shake. 124.Clap. 125.Slurp.
126.Gasp. 127.Whammpy. 128.Sizzle. 129.Beat. 130.Sweet Nothing.
131.Beginnings. 132.Ends. 133.White. 134.Lovers. 135.Children.
136.Club. 137.Air. 138.Dinner. 139.Fixed. 140.Light.
141.Diamond. 142.Green. 143.Smell. 144.Water. 145.Fire.
146.Choices. 147.Independent. 148.Shapes. 149.Heart. 150.Broken.
151.Play. 152.Gloves. 153.Glasses. 154.Cockroach. 155.Red.
156.Sick. 157.Vomit. 158.Rug. 159.Raman. 160.Cheese.
161.Redundant. 162.Ambidextrous. 163.Ambitious. 164.Hot Pocket. 165.Bath.
166.Trumpet. 167.Dance. 168.Tie. 169.Suit. 170.Tuxedo.
171.Back Alley. 172.Late. 173.Cheat. 174.Hot. 175.Beach.
176.Beggar. 177.Pickpocket. 178.Deliver. 179.Think. 180.Tired.
181.German. 182.Asia. 183.Deoderant. 184.Chess. 185.Tender.
186.Anatomy. 187.Flowers. 188.Betrayed. 189.Scared. 190.Sexy.
191.Snow. 192.Sky. 193.Clouds. 194.Phonebooth. 195.Garden.
196.Courageous. 197.Strawberry. 198.Locket. 199.Fairies. 200.Footsteps.

I am not really Caleb Mackey, nor am I Sean Patrick Flanery and I am not associated with any of the other celebrities you may find in this journal. I am not really a spy. This is all for a game/writing exercise. Please see agent_cero for more details.

RPG journal for cimplybe